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Graphic: Virtual Runner


War is a state of being like any other. Just like being in love, being alone or being shy. It is a description we put on the terms of human interaction. Simply the labels we give them do not make them good or bad, rather it is how we deal with these situations that determine this. In fighting war we choose how to exact our frustration, our rage and our quest for resolution. Do we brandish swords or do we brandish words?

There is a war that rages around us. It is not a war of bombs, tanks nor bullets. Rather it is a war of ideas, a war of oppression. Stereotypes, double standards, preconceptions and misconceptions cage us all. Why is it when we walk down the road and see someone singing to themselves, talking on a soapbox or just dressing unorthodoxly, do we think there is something odd going on? We are told only certain people are privileged enough to sing in public, dance in public, show art work in public, speak in public, dress uniquely. Only the famous are given this unconditional status. We, the common people, are meant to live out these needs vicariously. Why should we be subjugated to the ranks of spectator?

We should not! We need to fight this battle. Be now the exhibitionist and not just the voyeur. Be who you are, discover and show the talents you have inside. Brandish your pen and your paper, raise your voice in song and prose, color the world in the paint of your pallet. Fight this war! And we all shall win!

Go in to the street and express yourself and let people see! Remember "Art is war"!